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Made by Sy-stones, this cordierite ceramic pizza stone is an affordable alternative to the more expensive wood fired pizza stones. With its dual double-layering roof to its open ventilation and large cordierite ceramic pizza stone for baking that ultimate, crust-smoked pizzas with the melt-in-your-mouth crust and textured toppings. It also comes with its own adjustable bulk propane tank to cater to your larger gas cylinder. It's definitely a fun gift idea! Sy-stones has several sizes and shapes and an added feature - a reusable cutting board. The Sy-stones cordierite ceramic pizza stone is definitely a nice alternative if you're not a fan of those high-priced wood fired stones. It is made out of heavy-duty metal and looks like a brick pizza stone except for its larger size and sturdier construction. You can use it to cook a variety of pizzas from thin crust pizzas to medium pizzas to large pizzas depending on its size. This is definitely a great investment if you love cooking pizzas.
The Sy-stones pizza oven is also perfect for cooking thicker pizza or for baking fish. If you prefer a smoother consistency in your baked foods or prefer a crisp crust on your pizza, then the Sy-stones is perfect for you. The large cordierite ceramic pizza stone features a patented release mechanism for easy cleaning and for evenly cooking the pizza base. It is made with tough cast iron and is one of the fastest ovens on the market today. The propane tank that comes with the kit is durable and portable. You can carry it about the kitchen for easy access. You can cook fish, roast meat, vegetables, pasta, and anything else. You will never get too much flavor out of the thin crust. Plus, the propane tank can be removed and reused until it is empty. That's probably more of a benefit than a disadvantage because it doesn't require that much cooking time. Another advantage of using this type of cooking stones is that they are very easy to clean. They don't retain any oil, grease, or grime from food, making them easy to wipe clean after each use. Also, you won't find any stains or marks on them unlike clay stones that retain all these harmful substances. Ceramic is also non-stick, which makes it an ideal choice for baking.
These stones are also very easy to clean. If you accidentally spill your food on it, all you need is a damp cloth and a little water to remove the stain. It will take less time and energy to clean a clay stone compared to cleaning a ceramic one. Ceramic is known to retain more of the heat from the oven than clay. With a lesser heat conduction, a ceramic is said to give crispy crusts to your baked food.

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