Why Cordierite Pizza Stone Is The Best Option

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  • Date:2018/11/14

Cordierite pizza stone:

Cordierite stone comes under the classification of ceramic stones, but their certain features have been strengthen. Cordierite pizza stone is slightly more costly  and long-lasting. Cordierite pizza stone is popular for its ability to bear high temperatures well and it’s also used for making oven shelves and it is resistive to thermal shock. Unluckily , both ceramic and cordierite are not specifically known for their surface durability. During the entire baking process, you have to take it out and in from the oven, when it is not being used it is better to be kept in oven to avoid damage.

Cordierite pizza stone is a better option in terms of price also, if you have little funds, then cordierite pizza stone will be an intelligent investment.


Mullite pizza stone:

Mullite is a brilliant structural material due to its high heat constancy, creep resistance and strength. It is high electrical insulant. Mullite is combined with cordierite to enhance strength and it is used for making kiln furniture, the heat exchanging parts and rollers.


Pizza stone suppliers:

There are many suppliers of cordierite pizza stone for e.g Walmart, china cordierite pizza stone, amazon cordierite pizza stone etc.


Benefits of using cordierite pizza stone:

A cordierite pizza stone is a simple kitchen tool. They are also popular in making pizzas that are less calorific. They are commercially used in the cafeterias of big hotels and can be used in home ovens or on a grill to make the healthier crust of the pizza. There are many benefits of using a cordierite pizza stone, some of which are the following:


1. The way of Cleaning is easy:

Cordierite pizza stone is very easy to clean, you just have to wipe it off with sponge and water and you don’t need to rub it thoroughly.

2. Bakes quickly  and completely:

As compare to other aluminum pan, the cordierite pizza stone bakes the pizza much faster and it bakes completely, it’s also time saving. When the food is ready, it can easily come out of the pizza stone because it will not stick.


The method to use a pizza stone:

First, you need to preheat the stone in the oven. It is recommended to preheat till 30 minutes for a ½ inch thick stone and up to an hour for ¾ to 1 inch stone. It is advised to put the stone in a cold oven before turning it on because the stone will preheat with the oven in order to resist thermal shock which causes breakage. To overcome the dough based material from sticking on the surface of a glassless ordinary stone, you need to rub its surface with the olive oil daily. If you leave any oil on the surface then it will cause smoke when you heat it up.

So the cordierite pizza stone is the best option to bake your pizza with excellent crust, you should go for a thicker stone for uniform distribution of heat so that you will achieve uniform baking.


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