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Pizza stone supplier - Shengye specializes in pizza oven stone,  BBQ grill stone, refractory pizza stone, and pizza stone set with 22 years. Recently we launch our latest items, including pizza oven stone with handles, Non-stick pizza stone set with aluminum plate & deflector stone for oven and grill and so on. Hope you to know more details about our latest products. When designed for cooking pizzas, a baking stone is often referred to as a pizza stone. Using a pizza stone more or less mimics the effects of cooking a pizza in a masonry oven. The porous nature of the stone is commonly believed to absorb moisture; resulting in a crispier crust. Small pizza stones can be purchased to fit any conventional cooking oven or an enclosed barbecue-style grill. High-end ovens sometimes offer optional pizza stones that are specifically designed for each oven model and may include a specialized heating element. In addition to traditional methods, a pizza stone can also be made out of metal.


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Founded in 1996, Shengye Refractory Material Co., Ltd. is one of the largest pizza stone and oven baking stone manufacturer in China.
After years of good management and with the expansion of business, Shengye has gained a reliable and elite name in a pizza stone and grill stone manufacturing by providing high quality goods, excellent service and competitive price. We also build stable and long-term relationship with many customers and buyers at home and abroad. Our goods are very popular in North America,Europe,Australia,Korea,Japan,Mid-East,as well as at home.
With 7 sets of pressing machine(2sets in 315ton, 2sets in 500ton,1 set in 400ton and 2sets automatic pressing machine in 1500ton) and two 70 meters long roller kiln, Shengye has a production capacity of over 2 million pieces per years.And we are planning to build a new factory covers more than 27,000 square meters in Zhaoqing before the middle of year 2019.Facilities, workers, capacity, technology, R & D, etc will upgrade gigantically in our new factory. We believe we can provide you with on time delivery and perfect service.

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Professional baking stone manufacturer -Shengye has 22 years in manufacturing BBQ pizza stone, pizza stone set, and cordierite & ceramic pizza oven stone etc. These stones are also used in restaurants or hotels, which can make the best pizza for you. 

To get the most mileage out of your pizza stone, you need to know how to use it properly. Here are a few steps to ensure a long pizza stone useful life:
  • Preheat the pizza cooking stone – The key to making that crispy crust you love so much, is to ensure that the stone is heated well, so never rush the preheating stage. Experts recommend that you preheat it for 30 minutes, or up to one hour, before setting the dough on it. It’s important to mention that when your oven is done heating to temperature, your baking pizza stone is not done the heating. This is why it needs to heat at least 30 minutes for a 1/2-inch thick stone and up to an hour for a 3/4 to 1-inch stone.
  • Always put the stone oven pizza in a cold oven – A cold stone, regardless of type, placed in a hot oven, is likely to break because it cannot withstand the sudden temperature change. That is why it’s advisable that you put the stone baked pizza inside a cold oven before turning it on. This is important because it allows the stone to heat with the oven, thereby preventing thermal shock and possibly breakage.
  • Season regularly with oil – Learning how to season a stone pizza is easy. To prevent dough-based goods from sticking on the surface of an unglazed natural stone, just rub a small amount of olive oil on the surface regularly. Rub it in a circular motion, until the oil sheen is gone and has soaked into the pizza stone for grill’s top layer. If you leave any extra oil on the surface, it will cause the pizza stone for oven to smoke when you heat it up later. Alternatively, there are some in the kitchen who sprinkle bread crumbs, rice flour or cornmeal on the stone’s surface, to prevent sticking in lieu of oil.

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The best pizza stone helps your home oven mimic the effects of a brick oven. The porous steak stone absorbs and retains heat evenly and eliminates excess moisture in the pizza dough to create a superbly crisp crust. A pizza cooking stone does, however, require some special care. How to clean your pizza stone?
  1. Let cool: Allow your pizza stone set to cool completely before cleaning it. Again, it could crack or break if it comes into contact with cool water while it’s still hot.
  2. Scrape lightly: Use the spatula to loosen any melty cheese or stuck-on bits. Do not use a metal spatula or knife, as these can scratch the pizza grilling stone.
  3. Wipe the stone: Wipe off any remaining debris with a soft cloth.
  4. Make a paste: If some crusty bits remain, try spot-treating them: Mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda with just enough water to make a paste.
  5. Use it as a scrub: Apply a small amount of the paste to the spot and scrub it gently with your brush in a circular motion.
  6. Wipe the stone again: Wipe up any debris with your damp cloth.
  7. Cook-off stubborn bits: If there are still chunky bits that you can’t remove, place the pizza oven stone in the oven, then turn the heat up to 500°F. Once it reaches that temperature, let the stone cook for about an hour to cook off the stubborn bits.
  8. Let dry: Allow your refractory pizza stone to dry completely (for at least 1 to 2 hours) before using it again.
  9. Let dry: Allow your refractory pizza stone to dry completely (for at least 1 to 2 hours) before using it again.
Never wash your baking stone for bread with soap. The pores will absorb it, and you’ll be able to taste it when you make your next pizza. Never submerge your stone in water. Instead, once the stone has cooled completely, scrape off any baked-on food with a stiff, dry brush or a plastic scraper, and then use a damp cloth to wipe it down. Don’t worry if your stone gets stained—that’s natural and will not affect the flavor of the next pizza you make. If your cordierite pizza stone gets extremely dirty, you can use medium-grit sandpaper to sand down any raised bits. Some people keep their pizza stones set in their ovens to create more-even heat for other baking. If you do this, be aware that it will take the oven longer to heat. Also, never leave it in the oven during the self-cleaning cycle because it may break. More information please click shengye pizza stone set news. Sy-stones is one of those unique pizza franchises that offers great service and tasty pizza. However, it also has a very unique take on pizza making. Sy-stones uses a cordierite grill stone set one for making his incredible pizzas. Sy-stones uses a pre Seasoned Pizza Stone for making his delicious pizza. The wood burning pre Seasoned Pizza Stone makes the perfect pizza for a family or a corporate party. The stone is made of durable aluminum and will withstand high heat. The carved wood style stone comes with a long handle for easy handling. The cutters on each cutter have a spring loaded cutting edge for extra crisp crust. The Pizza Cushion and Grilling Manual are an additional accessory for this unique grill. It is made of a heavy duty vinyl and is designed to provide a non slip surface for perfect grip during your favorite family or corporate barbeque. The two-inch thick vinyl material allows for a firm grip even on wet or slippery surfaces. There is an open mesh interior that provides steam protection for your food. The two-inch thick vinyl material is designed to be able to withstand extreme temperatures for up to twenty minutes. The Pizza Cushion and Grilling Manual also feature four individually wrapped cutting knives with spring loaded cutting edges for easy and safe pizza cutting. This complete set includes everything you need for a professional looking pizza. It also includes a non stick cutting board for easy clean up. The four individually wrapped knives come with a long handle for easy handling. It also includes a long cord so it can easily be placed on a table. The cordierite pizza stone includes four individually wrapped knives with spring loaded cutting edges for easy and safe pizza cutting. This complete set includes everything you need for a professional looking pizza. It also includes a non stick cutting board for easy clean up. The four individually wrapped knives come with a long handle for easy handling. It includes a long cord so it can easily be placed on a table. The cordierite grill and pizza stone are perfect for any occasion. They make entertaining easy and fun. Whether you are having a large group or a small family at your house, you will be able to entertain everyone by bringing this product. This is the perfect addition to your kitchen tools for easy cleaning and a professional looking crust.

If you are someone who loves the taste of pizza but cannot have it because you live in a place where pizza is not a common dish, a Clay Pizza Stone Company is just what you need. There is no way that you can get away from pizza. You can find it everywhere especially on the streets. It is very easy to cook too and anyone can do it without any expertise at all. All you need to know is how to make one.


When you get a Clay Pizza Stone, you will be able to enjoy the taste of pizza the way it was made many years ago. This means that you can have authentic Italian Pizza right in your own home. The pizza that you will be eating is made out of clay that has been perfectly shaped using high tech equipment. This company gives you a chance to choose the kind of clay that you want to use. They will be happy to show you all the different types and colors that they have. The more that you look into it, the more you will understand why this type of pizza stone is so popular.


A clay pizza stone is perfect for anyone to use. This will enable you to have a much healthier choice at your dinner table. This type of stone will allow you to make healthier dishes since you will not be adding any butter, cheese or other toppings that will add fat into your meal. This means that you can eat what you want, whether it is vegetables meat, pasta or anything else, without feeling guilty. You will be able to make your dinner healthy and delicious at the same time.


You will also be able to spend less money at the restaurant when you order from this place. This is because you will not be spending money on butter, cheese or any other toppings that you would normally add. The clay that is used for the pizza crust is perfect for people who are dieting or trying to lose weight. This is because you will not be adding any fat back into your meal. This can be a great way to make your diet healthier while still enjoying a great pizza.


You will be able to find the Clay Pizza Company online if you want to make your purchases online. There are a lot of companies that offer these and you should find the Clay Pizza Company in your area that offers these. They will be able to help you make the best decision for your needs so that you can enjoy the pizza that you have made with the perfect crust. These will not melt when they are baked and this means that you will not have to worry about having to worry about it melting off when it is being served.


Take some time to look at all of the different options that you have when it comes to making the pizza. This is a great way to enjoy a healthy meal while still having a great tasting pizza that you will be proud to serve your family and friends. You will be able to find a great website for your Clay Pizza stone company and you will be able to make your purchase quickly so that you can get it home and start using it right away. There are many people out there who love pizza and they are more than willing to take the time to check out the website so that they can get their very own set of Clay Pizza Stones.

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