Features and Use of ROCKSHEAT Pizza Stone

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  • Date:2020/08/21

Some key features of the product are:

  1. You can easily get pizzeria quality pizza in the comfort of your home. In order for you to have an optimal experience of cooking, it distributes heat evenly, the moisture is absorbed out of the dough, provides you a crispy brown crust that you always wanted. This stone is not only for making pizzas but can also be used to bake cookies, bread, biscuits and much more. You can even heat or reheat ready-made pizzas for crispier results.
  2. It is 1400℉resistant and has strong thermal stability. It is durable for years and will not break under 1400℉in normal use. It can handle an unbelievable amount of heat. 
  3. It has double-faced built-in handles designed for convenience. It helps to save space. It is designed in such a practical way which makes transferring easier.One ROCKSHEAT built-in handled stone acts as two normal handled ones.
  4. The pizza stone is certified by RoHS, FDA, and LFGB. The stone is burned in 2200℉kiln. It does not contain any substance that is harmful and does not even have an odor.
  5. Golden Thickness (0.63") for this size, no extra unnecessary weight and would not require for a long preheating time as the thicker ones.

How to use?

Heat the pizza stone before use to a temperature of 500℉. In case if you are utilizing a home oven it might take sixty minutes but that depends on your oven. For a grill, preheat it to a temperature of 500℉. It might take thirty minutes. When you are done heating the stone, for convenience it's better that you use some cornmeal or flour on the pizza stone before placing the pizza on it so that it does not stick.

Why should you use ROCKSHEAT?

Here are a few reasons why you should use ROCKSHEAT:

  • Golden thickness: We design the golden thickness (0.63") for this size, no extra unnecessary weight (only 7.1LB) and would not require for a long preheating time as the thicker ones.
  • Perfect for bread, pizza, and cookies: The stone is not only for baking pizzas but you can also use it for baking cookies, bread, biscuits etc. Better yet you can heat ready-made pizza (frozen) on it for making it crispier.
  • We are Dr. Stone: ROCKSHEAT is pizza stone manufacturer with more than 10 years of experience. We know stone, we make stone, we love stone. Making stone is not just business, it's our career.

Final Thoughts!

The benefit of using our pizza stones is that you don't have to buy an extra metal serving rack as it comes with attached handles. In addition, the stone occupies less space and can easily be stored. Our stones can be used on both sides while stones with handles can only use one side of it. Comparing to some other abnormal shape stones, a plain stone is the most practical product as abnormal shaped stones would not have any effect on gathering heat as what other seller advertised. Instead, it would enhance the weight and pre-heating time of the stone.

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