What To Take In Consideration When Buying A Pizza Oven Stone

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  • Date:2020/01/16

It’s widely known that there are some tools that will make the experience of being in the kitchen and cooking much easier. For example microwaves makes the process of heating small quantities of food much easier in comparison to hundreds of years ago when heat by fire was the only solution. In the same way, nowadays there are some items and tools that are able to be used to create a very tasty pizza.

There are the regular tools that are the ingredients, which should be in the best conditions and not expired like: dough, measuring spoons, all the necessary toppings, mixing bowls and an oven. But if someone were to want to cook a pizza that resembles the one from the best pizza restaurant they would need to buy a stone, which will elevate the recipe and preparation to a much higher level.

A lot of the best pizzas and those made in artisanal pizza restaurants are made either using a brick oven or a pizza stone. So it’s essential to make a great pizza, keep on reading to determine which are some of the factors to consider when buying a stone:


- Material
There are various materials like: iron, ceramic, steel, clay and cordierite stone. Cordierite is definitely the most durable material and will definitely outlast all others, because it’s a mineral known for its ability to handle extreme temperatures and it’s thermal shock resistant.

- Size and shape
Pizza stones will vary in size and shape and weight. The mayor thing to decide it’s the material which will depend on the preference of the chef, but the size will depend on the size of the oven. So the oven should be measure to find the perfect fitting stone.

And not only the size is important but also the shape of the stone as it also constantly varies. The  shapes can be circular, squared and rectangular. The shape of the stone is very crucial since it will affect the size of the pizza you will bake.

- Handles
This might be that extra characteristic that will make the chef’s work easier especially when removing the stone from the oven. These will make the stone much easier to handle.


A stone that covers all of this factors is the one from Shengye Refractory Material Co., Ltd. (Shengye in short) that goes by the name of Rectangular Cordierite Pizza Oven Stone With Built-In Handles. Because of the shape it’s the one that will be able to make a very large rectangular pizza, because of the handles the transportation of the item will be extremely easy and there will no longer need occupying racks and transferring tools.

It’s important to note that the products made by Shengye can also be use in a gas barbecue or directly over fire. They also have over 22 years of experience so they have different packing methods depending on where the item is being shipped for perfect transportation with no problems.

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