What is the best design for a BBQ oven stone?

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  • Date:2019/12/25

BBQ grill stone are an instrument that is widely used in the kitchen all over the world by both professionals and amateurs. Specially the last named are the most common customers that will acquire this type of cooking helper, because they will see the most change during cooking with this and without it, let´s further explain this.

BBQ grill stone manufacturers have as a major demand people who love to cook at home and want to get better at this. This is because the basic oven at homes can make the cooking process more difficult. Why is this, you may ask? It´s because they are not design to cook at the level that passionate and fans of cooking want to achieve. For example, pizza ovens are specially made for this purpose, the shape and the material help to create the perfect place to evenly cook the pizzas, but this doesn’t happen with conventional ovens.

Ovens that are bought for the home have problems with the heat distribution which makes it stressful to cook on them, as the pizzas, cakes and cookies can be burnt in some sections and not fully cooked in others. This is where the baking stones and it´s design come into play.

Let´s first define what are baking stones. A baking stone is a portable cooking surface that is used in baking. The price varies depending on the size and most importantly the material which it´s made of. The most common materials are ceramic, stone or, more recently, salt, the ones that are made out of cordierite are normally the most expensive ones. 

Besides the material of the stone the thing that will vary the most is the accessories and the details that accompany the stone. For example some of them have handles that make it easier to be picked up and handled correctly. Some have designs that make the bottom surface easier to grip to any top counter.

Innovation is what makes this product so innovative, and the companies that understand this are the ones that prosper on the market. An example is the company by the name of Shengye Refractory Material Co., Ltd. (Shengye in Short). They have a lot of products in their catalog all of different sizes, materials and details, this is great as it will fit most of the clients necessities.

One of their products name is MODEL: BRICK OVEN DESIGN BBQ OVEN STONE SYGS305RDWE. This has gripping on the bottom surface which makes it safer that it will not be slipping. Like the title of this article suggests that innovation and this smalls things like gripping of the product makes a difference and might be the only reason why people end up buying a product over another competitor.


Their products can safely be used in home ovens, commercial or conventional ovens, gas barbecue or directly on fire. As well they have a lot of certifications that make the pizza stones very eco-friendly and safe to cook on.

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