The Best Way to Make Homemade Pizza!

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  • Date:2019/09/12

Do you want the taste of good pizza without having to leave your house while having an enjoyable time with your friends and family? Not having to order food which saves a lot of money? This can all thanks to pizza stone suppliers which transforms the conventional oven and grills of a home to make the perfect tasty homemade pizza. The advantage of this instrument is that they allow the perfect heat needed to make the crust crispy without overcooking the toppings on top of a pizza.


So what’s the solution for bad homemade pizzas? Foshan Nanhai Shengye Refractory Material Co., Ltd products, as they have a lot of products like high-quality pizza stone, which includes pizza oven stone, pizza grilling stone and cordierite pizza stone. Their most popular products are mainly made of cordierite. But what is cordierite? It’s a mineral known for its ability to manage extreme temperatures without a problem as well as being thermally shock resistant. This means a cordierite stone can be taken from a low temperature to a very high temperature without the risk of damaging it or even worse breaking it. These stones can literally handle all the heat your oven or grill can dish out and still keep cranking out pizzas year after year.


Foshan Nanhai Shengye Refractory Material Co., Ltd., also known as Shengye for short, also sell a product by the name of BBQ grill stone. This is a new accessory perfectly made to use in a barbecue and it’s also made of cordierite.  And it’s very clear why clients will want to buy this type of products, for example cooking with a BBQ grill stone is the easiest and best way to grill meat and vegetables and getting the best result. If you are a meat lover, you will be fascinated that by cooking chicken thighs there will be no grease flare-ups. Also, because of the material after cooking and enjoying the food it is very easy to clean.

Shengye provides high quality products that fulfills any and every customer’s need, so the tough decision doesn’t lay on which supplier to buy from, but which of the many options they offer. So after buying the pizza stone, it’s time to actually make the pizza, and for the best results its best to follow this order of steps.

1. First Preheat your pizza stone for grill, place your pizza stone on the pizza grill and turn on the heat.
2. While your pizza stone grill is preheating, take the chance to prepare your ingredients.
3. Once your ingredients are ready, shape your pizza dough and place it on a plate or paddle with a bit of flour under to prevent it from sticking.
4. Top the dough with tomato sauce, and choose your ingredients as you like, for example: meat, vegetables and cheese. It’s better not to overload the pizza with toppings to avoid spillage.
5. Cook your pizza on the pizza stone, and you will have a delicious homemade pizza!


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