Shengye Stone for Oven and Grill: the Best in the Market

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  • Date:2020/05/12

Now there is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on ready-made pizzas. Simply get a stone for oven and grill from Foshan Nanhai Shengye Refractory Material Co., Ltd and cook a pizza at home. So, are you ready to excite your family and friends with a delicious and crispy pizza? If ‘Yes’, then cordierite pizza baking stone by Shengye is the right choice for you.

Shengye stone for oven and grill is ideal to cook a pizza in both oven and grill. Several tests have been performed on this stone to determine its capacity at high temperatures. Its porous surface can absorb moisture from pizza and thus results in a crispy crust. This FDA approved cordierite pizza baking stone can withstand higher temperatures and will not crack due to a change in temperature. This stone is perfect for baking cookies, bread, or flat-breads so there is no need to buy a separate baking stone for bread.

You will not find a better way to cook a homemade pizza then this stone for oven and grill. Its exclusive design will provide a crisper crust every time, even after many years. All the pizza stones by Shengye are thicker than other manufacturers and provide a large surface to retain heat better and divert it towards the dough.  Plus, its latest technology will direct heat inwards for ensuring an evenly cooked, crispier crust. Your pizza will cook from inside out and there will be no soggy centers. This pizza stone is slightly elevated to provide you better handling.

Shengye pizza stone is thicker than competitors that’s why it is less susceptible to break. Even you can get large size stone for oven and grill to let you cook a family size pizza. Without the right equipment, cooking a homemade pizza can be a trouble. You may end up having the sticky dough and your pizza can easily fall and slip onto the grill or oven. Shengye pizza baking stone helps avoid all these problems and make your pizza party easier. A handle is also incorporated on the stone to provide ease while placing or removing it from the oven.

A ThermaShock technology is used in the manufacturing of cordierite pizza baking stone that allows it to withstand extreme changes in temperature without any disaster. There is no need to wait if the dough is cold or frozen. You can easily make a crunchy pizza from the frozen or cold dough. Now there is no need to keep the pizza stone inside the oven when not in use. Simply remove it without worrying about breakage. Customers will also get a handy manual to help them use baking stones with ease. Just use this manual to know each and everything about pizza stones. Make sure to follow the instructions given in the manual to prepare a restaurant-style pizza.

Shengye has made it possible to design tools in a manner that will make your kitchen more functional and stylish. We use high-quality materials and comprehensive quality control procedures to manufacture the best stones.


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