How You Can Benefit from A Pizza Stone Set?

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  • Date:2019/07/19

Majority of the people believe that a pizza stone set can only be used to bake a perfect pizza. But, in reality, it is not true. The pizza stone manufacturers have designed the pizza stones in such a manner that users can use it for a variety of purposes besides cooking a pizza. It means buyers can use a pizza stone set to cook numerous food items such as chicken, veggies, cookies, and bread. Isn’t it amazing? Today in this blog, we will help the readers to take several benefits from a pizza stone.

1. Bread and bun
Pizza stones can be used to bake bread and bun. People don’t like eating hard crust bread but this will not be the case with a pizza stone. The size of bread loaf is quite large and a pizza stone can provide a better surface to thoroughly bake it which results in a crunchy and thick crust. Some individuals also use their home oven to bake bread but it doesn’t provide a crunchy crust. So, it is recommended to use a pizza stone in your oven whenever you want to cook bread.

2. Chicken
I love roasting a whole chicken and I have found a pizza stone the best tool to cook a perfectly crispy chicken. The crispy skin of a chicken provides a much better flavor and taste. Roasting an entire chicken is quite simple at home by using a pizza stone set. First, crank up the oven, truss the chicken, season it, and then directly place it on a hot pizza stone. Bake it for 45 to 60 minutes to get a perfect crispy roast chicken.

3. A giant cookie
Would you like to surprise your kids with a giant cookie? If yes, then a pizza stone is the best kitchen accessory for you. It is quite easy to bake a big size cookie at home by using a pizza stone set. Simply spread the entire dough of your cookie all over the hot pizza stone and put it inside the home oven. Bake it well till you get a finely baked cookie. Don’t forget to use vegetable oil to remove the cookie from the stone.

4. Veggies
Veggies cooked by using a pizza stone set are tastier than grilled or roasted vegetables. You can cook any of your favorite veggies or roots on a pizza stone. Simply preheat a pizza stone and add the ingredients over it. Then, allow it to cook to get a yummy meal for you.

Which pizza stone set to use?
Cordierite pizza stone is an ideal pizza stone for your kitchen. Foshan Nanhai Shengye Refractory Material Co., Ltd. has obtained much fame among pizza stone suppliers. One of their best-selling cordierite pizza stone is Cordierite Stone Set SY380RDSR. This pizza stone is manufactured with cordierite material which is not just durable but can also handle extremely high temperatures.

The best thing about these cordierite pizza stones is that they are eco-friendly. Moreover, these stones do not contain heavy metals, lead, cadmium, or other harmful substance. These pizza stones are also certified with FDA, REACH, CE, LFGB, and RoHS. 


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