How A Pizza Stone Set Can Help You Cook A Frozen Pizza?

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  • Date:2020/09/09

No matter whether you are using a cordierite pizza stone or any other pizza stone set, you can definitely cook a frozen pizza on it. For all those people who don’t have enough time to cook pizza from a scratch, they can use a pizza stone set to prepare a delicious pizza in just a few minutes. Some people believe that cooking a frozen pizza is not as yummy as a homemade pizza. But this is not true if you use a pizza stone set for this purpose. These stones are manufactured with cordieritethat absorbs heat of an oven and moisture from food item. This helps produce a better and hotter cooking surface for a frozen pizza, preparing a well-cooked, crisper crust.


To prepare a crispy and delicious pizza, all you need is an oven baking stone and a frozen pizza. Also, you must follow the given-below tips.

  • Know your temperature
  • Treat heat as your friend
  • Top it up
  • Cook like an expert
  • Take care of your pizza stone set


Let’s have a look at these tips in detail.


1. Know your temperature

Placing a frozen pizza on a hot pizza stone can result in thermal shock and may break the stone. This usually occurs because of the abrupt change of temperature on the stone. The difference in temperatures pressurizes the stone and cause breakage. So, you should use a microwave to heat up the frozen pizza before placing it on the pizza stone.


2. Treat heat as your friend

It is also important to monitor the temperature of your home oven that usually has a heating capacity of up to 500 degrees. This temperature is not enough to cook a crispy pizza so by placing an oven baking stone, you can boost the internal heat to get the desired results. Make sure to remove your pizza after 5-8 minutes of baking otherwise nothing will be left except a black overcooked pizza.


3. Top it up

Brush an adequate amount of olive oil on the frozen pizza before placing it in the oven as this will add a crispy finish. You can also add crushed garlic, cheese, bacon, ham, or pepperoni if you want to eat a tasty meaty pizza. If you are vegetarian, then you can add any of your favorite veggies and herbs.


4. Cook like an expert

Pizza stone sets have two sides i.e. ridged and flat. Always use their ridged side for cooking frozen pizza to avoid any thermal shock. The surface area of the ridged side is less and thus frozen pizza has less touching with a hot surface. Utilize pizza peel when removing the pizza from the stone.


5. Take care of your pizza stone set

Do not directly cut the pizza on the stone as this can damage its surface. Clean the pizza stone once it has completely cooled down. You can use a stiff, dry brush to take away the burnt pie crusts or cheese from the surface. Use a wet cloth to wipe the surface once the scrubbing is done. We suggest you buy pizza stone sets from trustworthy suppliers like Foshan Nanhai Shengye Refractory Material Co., Ltd.



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