Benefits of Having Pizza Stone Handles

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  • Date:2020/06/24

Pizza stones are the greatest combo to come with ovens and play an essential role in making crispy and crunchy bread for pizzas. There are many types of pizza stones available in the market, with or without handles. However, buying pizza stone with handles are better. Why so? Here are some benefits of having pizza stone handles to answer this why:

Your Hand Will Not Be Burnt By Hot Pizza Stone:
You know that before placing bread on the pizza stone for baking, it is kept in the oven for much time to get heated. In this time, the stone becomes very hot that touching it with hands can burn the skin. However, you sometimes require changing its direction while placing dough on it. Pizza stone handles come here as a relief and enable you to change directions of pizza stone without burning your hand.

Easy To Place Dough on the Pizza Stone:
Dough for the pizza bread is usually too soft and elastic. If you don’t put it properly on the stone, it can completely lose its shape. Moreover, a red pizza stone is too hot that you cannot touch it while placing dough on it. So, in these cases, you need a pizza stone handle to pick hot pizza stones while placing dough on it. With pizza stone handles, you will be able to put the dough on the surface in a convenient way without making it out of shape.

They Never Get Melt Because Of Strong Material:
Pizza stone handles are made with anti-heating strong materials. These handles are detachable from the pizza stones. However, even if you keep them near the heat, these don’t get too hot to burn your hand. They never get melt and because of its strong material they never get damaged too easily. Moreover, they come in convenient rates for everyone to afford them.

Strong Grip to Play with Pizza While Making:
In case the red pizza stone is too much heated from one corner while less heated from the other, there are chances for the dough to remain uncooked from one corner. In this case, you need to change the direction of the pizza on a hot pizza stone. You cannot do it easily without burning your hand if you don't have a pizza stone handle. You will get evenly cooked pizzas with stone handles without even bringing your hand or any part of the skin.

Picking The Pizza Get Easier:
Once your pizza is ready, it is also very hot that you cannot pick it with the naked hand. Even if you use oven glove, we have seen that despite wearing gloves, the hand got burnt. However, a pizza stone handle never let your hand to get damaged because of heat while picking pizza from hot pizza stone. All you need to do is, use pizza stone handle to grip the stone, tilt it a little, and let pizza slip on a plate.

These are some benefits that show why having a handle for your red pizza stone is necessary. 


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